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Need a KID FRIENDLY tour in Fredericksburg, Texas? Choose Pedal Tour Texas Bike.

Need a KID FRIENDLY tour in Fredericksburg, Texas? Choose Pedal Tour Texas Bike.

Need a KID FRIENDLY tour in Fredericksburg, Texas? Yes, Pedal Tour Fredericksburg, Texas does customized private tours! They bend over backwards to make each tour awesome! Look at this phenomenal example! At the hand of Pedal Tour Admiral Rick Hamilton, these three fun families from San Angelo, Texas booked the Private Tour Option for a kid friendly ride. We didn’t even have to put any children in the barrel on the front for ‘Time Out’, not even once! They all came together with their children and had a blast riding America’s Most AMAZING Pedal Bike Tour. Truth be told, the three year old girl had more fun than anybody else on the pedal bike – we think. And no, she did not pedal but she sat with her mama in the back bench. We stopped at SozialHaus on Llano Street and the adults got their drinks and the children got their soda. We continued to tour Fredericksburg’s oldest cemetery (1846) on East side of Fredericksburg. The children were excited by the ghosts and ghouls and it was pretty cool to see deer wandering around the lawn, at least we think they were deer! We continued roll into the town with the tunes cranking and saw President Lyndon B. Johnson’s grandparents’ house standing tall on W. College Street. So pretty it woulda even made Bobby Kennedy smile! We stopped at the Jail House to see ‘Wild Man’ who was sent there last night (just kidding)! The Jail House was built in 1885 and they posed as Rebels for the pictures. We save the best for last for the children. We stopped at the best frozen yogurt shop in Fredericksburg, Texas – Kelani Yogürt Fredericksburg. Kelani is everyone’s favorite! Thank you Patricia and Rebecca for taking good care of our guests. They gave everyone a little extra yogurt! We enjoyed this group and hope to see them back in Fredericksburg on Pedal Tour Texas soon. If you like for us to customized your tour, book your tour “PRIVATE” at 

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