Pedal Tour Texas Launches Billboard on 290

Pedal Tour Texas Launches Billboard on 290

Pedal Tour Texas recently launched a new billboard on Route 290. The billboard can be seen while heading westbound on 290 as you travel from Austin to Fredericksburg.

Get ready to pedal and roll your way to an awesome experience while pedaling through the historic downtown. We provide a group activity similar to a party bus or limo at a fraction of the cost, and the environmentally friendly vehicle is entirely pedal-powered by you and all of your friends.

Whether it is just another great day in Fredericksburg, a friendly pub crawl or Oktoberfest, Spring Break, a girl’s weekend or you’re in town for the Christmas Lights – Pedal Tour Texas is your answer to fun! Get a little exercise, bring your own beer or wine and enjoy the downtown like a local in approximately 2 hours! Our tour is only half or even a quarter of the cost of most wine limo, bus tours (complete with a designated driver and tour guide). The best deal in town, Pedal Tour Texas provides an affordable option to see downtown Fredericksburg Texas’ hidden gems. Don’t forget, most of the best wineries have tasting rooms downtown. Come visit them, all while staying downtown! Sit down, pedal, drink and enjoy the ‘Burg like a local! And yes…we have electric assist when you want a break!

We will take you to some of Texas’ best Wine Tasting Rooms including, Pontotoc Vineyard, and Lincoln Street Wine and Cigar Bar. You are encouraged to enjoy tastings at each stop and can legally purchase bottles from these establishments to enjoy or to take home! For those who enjoy drinks other than wine, most of these Wine Tasting rooms are adjacent to liquor and beer serving establishments. Not to disappoint, we typically do have stops at liquor friendly bars like Hondos on Main and others as well. No matter your penchant, we have you covered!

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Pedal Tour Texas Billboard