Top 10 Fredericksburg Restaurants

Bankersmith Saloon: 4.9 Google Rating

Best burger around in our opinion! The menu is well laid out and thoughtful to meet most tastes (and budgets). They also have a full bar which is great and tasty house cocktails. Great Ribs, Pulled Pork Nachos, amazing steaks and more! Live music every day and cowboy church on Sundays! Bankersmith Texas (just 8 miles from downtown) is more than just a ghost town. This hidden gem is a beloved restaurant in Fredericksburg, Texas that serves snow crab, fresh pork ribs, burgers, steaks and yep, even calf fries. Founded in 1908, this no-frills establishment with down-home food quickly is the go to for a great meal off the beaten path. So head on down to Bankersmith Texas and try the best burger in Fredericksburg.





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