Jack’s Chophouse

On a recent trip to Fort Cavazos (formerly Fort Hood) and venturing down to Fredericksburg, TX, I was recommended Jack’s Chophouse as a dinner destination. What a recommendation that turned out to be! A cozy and inviting atmosphere and likely the best steak and oysters I’ve ever had. To be fair, I don’t consider myself a foodie, but this was easily recognizable as the pinnacle of my dining experiences. The establishment was clean and neat and the staff were friendly and professional. With dinner, I ordered one of Jack’s signature drinks, the Churchill, and just like the meal the drink was first class. The bar and drink selection rivals anything I’ve seen and the bar area was filled with people relaxing, laughing, and socializing. If you’re in the area, give Jack’s Chophouse a look. It’ll provide you with a familiar neighborhood feel with a five star experience. I look forward to getting back there in the near future. Do yourselves a favor and go!

Anthony Cockerham

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