Jacks Chophouse

How fortunate we are to have a restaurant of this caliber in Fredericksburg. And how fortunate was I to enjoy an evening there. I had family in town from Houston, and had just heard about Jack’s, so we decided to give the new place a try. The restaurant is housed in an old house, on the west end of Main Street. The mood inside is a step back in time. Black and white photos of famous and infamous line the walls. We did not have a reservation (which I highly recommend to do so), but sitting in the cozy, plush “parlor” sipping “The Monroe”, wait time was not an issue. The food was excellent, the cocktails…spot on, (My Houstonian cousin raved that the Old Fashion was the best he’d ever had.) and the staff, superb. The real star in Jack’s is, without a doubt, James Smith. James is the Manager and Mixology extraordinaire. James is the most personable guy of the Fredericksburg restaurant scene…the perfect combination of personable and professional. I look forward to wowing more guests with Jack’s Chophouse and Jame’s charm and cocktails.

Paige Travis Conn

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